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Ali EftekhariAli EftekhariAli EftekhariAli EftekhariAli EftekhariAli Eftekhari
At a Glance

Professor of Chemistry

Director of the NIAS

President of the American Nano Society

Software Entrepreneur

Director of Office of Innovation, Jimma University (oi.ju.edu.et)

Founding Chair of Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Jimma University (mse.ju.edu.et)

Founding Dean of School of Art, Jimma University (art.ju.edu.et)
An Overview of Current Research Projects in Nanomaterials
Polymeric Micro-ContainersSingle Sheet of GrapheneAccessing Interlayers of Graphite OxideControlling Nanostructure by Oscillatory Electrodeposition
NOTICE: Runaway to Research
After years of commitment to administrative duties, I wish to runaway to scientific research.

Thus, I am looking for a new research opportunity to fully devote my career to research. If you have something to offer, please let me know.

Postdoc Positions
Currently, I have some openning for postdoc fellows at the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Jimma University. I am not permanently based there, but as the Founding Chair, I fully supervise the undergoing research projects.

If you are interested to join my team, check for the available positions at the Department Website
We Are Blinded by Traditions!
The main gift of science is to question everything; but when it is about following traditions, even scientists are lazy to bother with critical questions: why we are following this tradition? and what is it good for at our time?

Most of traditions were just reasonable in their time and lost their meaning in time, but we still follow them. This is indeed a requiem for the spirit of science.
An Aspect of Science Education
“Ladies, gentlemen.
I think the confusion here is that you are all very ignorant.
Is that right word, ignoran"?
I mean stupid, primitive, unenlightened.
You do not understand science, so you are afraid of it.
Like a dog is afraid of thunder or balloons.
To you, science is magic and witchcraft because you have such small minds.
I cannot make your heads bigger, but your children's heads, I can take them and crack them open.
This is what I try to do, to get at their brains!
Thank you.”
Mr. Rzykruski (Science Teacher) in
Tim Burton's movie, Frankenweenie
My passion for discovery led me to chemistry at age 8. By 11, my academic life began when I put foot in the charming environment of university. My childhood dreams have grown in academia. I conducted my first independent research at age 15, and its results were later published in a leading scholarly journal. Still live for science with the same passion.

Instead of commitment to routines, I always try to get involved in initiatives and pioneering works. This has made my career somehow strange. Who cares when science loves strangest things.
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