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Childhood in Science

Every professional claims (or at least wishes to claim) that his interests back to childhood days, but believe me, here it is not the same story.

I was 8 when scientifically attracted to chemistry. It was not just a childish dream, but a scientific passion for discovery. Then, I started to academically study chemistry. By 11, my knowledge of chemistry reached the university level, where I found my culture of living.

I used to live in lab with the dream of discovery. Memorable years in Sharif University of Technology. My dream was labs, where putting real science in action. I still enjoy those memorable years, spending time in labs until closing time.

While wandering in the magical world of science, I just completed my first world-class research project by age 15, but unfortunately did not have sufficient self-confidence to submit my paper for publication. However, that paper was published unaltered a few years later.

Comparing today with those days, I can see the same person with more management skills (in managing tasks), more professional techniques, wider range of knowledge, but unfortunately, less dreams beyond an imaginary world, which is the golden key to outstanding scientific discoveries.
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