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Ali EftekhariAli EftekhariAli EftekhariAli EftekhariAli EftekhariAli EftekhariAli Eftekhari

Natural Born Manager

Although research and management skills are somehow different, there is a subtle interface between them, as research must be able to manage research. When I started my journey in science, I thought that my entire career would be fully devoted to research inside the lab, but my commitment to management tasks occurred just at the early stage of my scientific career.

I was just 15 when I established the Iranian Basic Chemical Society to assist fostering a scientific culture at the school level. The Society aimed to support students for international Olympiads of chemistry. 

The first managerial role of my life was extremely successful, as widely broadcast media ( TV and scientific magazines). I was thinking, this would be a temporary involvement, and I will return to my research lab which means the world to me; but as life has its own tricks to lead us in unexpected ways, I am still heavily struggling with administrative responsibilities.
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