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Pathway to Management

I had no intention to leave the charming world of scientific research, but the fortune of scientific discovery depends on appropriate infrastructure. People are deceived with the triumph of progress in science and technology, but not everything is right there. We have a serious problem from an ideology point of view. We have blinded with convincing traditions.

For this reason, I bent my career slightly towards management and policy-making, with the hope to build a better environment for prospective researchers.
Natural Born Manager Natural Born Manager
My first administrative role was at age 15 when I established a well-celebrated scientific society....
Initiatives Initiatives
My managerial career was mostly devoted to initiatives, and in all projects my main theme were: cre...
Childhood in Science Childhood in Science
Starting chemistry from age 8 made me famous as chemistry boy, I enjoy recalling my strange nicknam...
Sharing with Others Sharing with Others
The advancement of science is the result of sincere sharing within the scientific community. As a s...
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