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Sharing with Others

The advancement of science is the result of sincere sharing within the scientific community. As a scientist who has devoted his life to science, I always try to follow this strategy, not only in research and education but also management.

Unfortunately, scientists are not independent, as they are somehow limited within the frames created by the administrative and funding bodies. Thus, when a new opportunity arises, it is of vital importance to involve more and more scientists, as their participation can create new rooms for further development. This is somehow the essence of scientific collaborations.

This is how I deviated from the pure research career, but I hope to build new opportunities for others to advance science.

This is the reason that I am heavily over-committed to reviewing tasks (for journals, proposals, promotions, academic projects, etc.), and new challenges for initiatives. I always attempt to build a focal center somewhere for gathering of scientists to strengthen the internal networks within the scientific community
Sharing with Others


The scientific community was far smaller in the past, and a nomination for an award was easy, as leading scientists were more visible. In our era, we need more effort to discover outstanding works, which are sometimes lost in the ocean of discoveries and research articles. Thus, I devote a part of my schedule to nominate outstanding works and people for appreciations, as it is a strong driving force in the engines of science.

Scientific Societies

Historically, scientific societies where a focal community of scientists, but they are somehow limited to business entities competing with commercial rivals such as publishers, conference organizers, etc. I strongly work with different societies to build active communities of scientists. I really do believe that scientific research as separated islands does not lead us very far, and we vitally need community and networking.
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