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Academic Curriculum

As an academics, I regularly contribute to the revision of curricula in my fields of expertise. However, I have been professionally involved in the development of academic curriculum, and I frequently serve as an adviser for the development of the curriculum of new academic programs or revision of available ones.

In addition to partial contributions, I developed the following curricula from scratch (all are MSc programs):

✍ Engineering Management
✍ Customer Relationship Management
✍ Knowledge Management
✍ Investment Management
✍ Energy Management
✍ Scientometrics
✍ Research Management
✍ Nanotechnology Management
✍ Sociology of Science
✍ Management Science
✍ Nano-Industry Management
✍ Science Promotion
✍ Computational Investment
✍ Biotechnology Management
✍ Creativity and Innovation Management
✍ Materials Engineering - Nanomaterials

Refereeing for Scholarly Journals
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PhD Advising
Normally, this is the result of research collaborations.

If you are interested to work wit...
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