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Criteria for Joining My Group

Every group leader has his own strategy. Before sending an application to join my group, please review my strict strategy:

☑ My group only hosts those who are specifically interested to join the group, not those who look for a job.

☑ My group is a family, and the priority is always the entire family success. We aim to keep the connection of family members permanently.

☑ Apply only and only if you wish to be part of a scientific family. If you are pursuing your individual goals such as accessing research facilities, secured salary, etc.; you are wasting your time and ours.

☑ The group members are passionate young researchers like you. If you think you are better than the other and must achieve your specified goals; then, you have no place in the group.

☑ The preliminary goal of the group is to assist it member to jump in their scientific careers and train the next leading scientists. You must be ambitious enough to become a group leader in the future, instead of finding a routine job in academia.

☑ The main theme is to achieve the group missions rather than individual goals. Thus, all the members should work as a team to assist the entire group including themselves. 

☑ In some groups, postdoc fellows are free to test various ideas to find a way, but my strategy is based on result-oriented research. I closely supervise the research, and all projects must be based on solid plans, rather than relying on chancy discoveries.

☑ In most cases, I personally write the manuscripts, but if the team members are skilful enough to write the manuscript, it is highly appreciated. However, it should be taken into account that it is not easy to get my approval for submitting a manuscript for publication, and we only publish in high impact journals.

☑ Your research topic and projects will be defined based on your skills and potentials, not your personal interests. There is no guarantee to offer you what you like. If you do not trust our judgement, DO NOT apply.

☑ I do not hire postdoc fellows for a specific project; instead, I distribute the projects among team members. We have regular meetings for discussing all projects in the group. There is no such thing that someone is focused on a project with no interest in other projects of the group.

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