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Believe in Potentials

From cognitive science point of view, there is no power stronger than believe. A human life is created by what his brain believes. Transition from a traditional university to modern one needs to believe in creativity. If looking at top universities, they all were somehow pioneering in something. It is almost impossible for followers to enter the field of giants. Some thinks that the power of money can pave the way in this direction. Although money is a requirement but it is not sufficient. There are many well-funded universities, which are far from becoming a top university. One can buy creativity with money, but for buying creativity, one must be creative. This is an accelerating cyclotron, as will be explained in the section, human resource management. 

What makes a top university? In a simplified explaination, a university is mainly defined by the quality of education, which is typically gained by good professors and good students. University administration hires good professors and their fame will attract good students. Good graduates will enhance the university fame and this cycle fuels this skyrocket to the top. By considering other factors such as campus life, facilities, geographical status, etc, there will be a more realistic case; but no university has ever reached a top position through this pathway (though it has been tried by many universities). Everything is planned and ready, but two factors are missing: believe and creativity. In universities of this kind, neither university administrators nor staff, not even students believe that they can compete with top universities. On the contrary, we also have universities with illusion that they have everything that top universities have. 

In both cases, the difference is not due to the facilities as they are comprable, but what is inside the brain of people. In a top university, a student or staff is fueled with the power of passion caused by believe in his position. He believes that his university is different, because it is the home of creativity, pioneers, prototypes, and leaders. Once again, it is necessary to emphasize that followers cannot reach the top. In other words, running creative and pioneering plans is not limited to top universities. As a matter of fact, top universities have reached their positions through this pathway.
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