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Problem Solving is Everything

Problem-solving is not a technique in teaching, but this is the quantized steps of our everday life. This defines an aspect of brain processing from quantum physics point of view. Our everyday actions are based on step-by-step problem-solving like the quantized levels of energy. Imagine we want to eat a piece of cake. First problem is how to take a small piece suitable for the mouth, and the answer comes from the brain data center, a device called knife. Next problem how to elevate the small piece, once again the solution comes from the stored knowledge, a device called fork. This may seem ridicilously elementary example, but with exactly the same problem-solving process, inventors of knife and fork have made billions of dollar in revenue. More interestingly, these basic examples can be well extended to serious problems in management. In most of times, the main problem of a manager is merely to identify what they exactly need. Everyone knows the main problem, in business there is only one problem: how to make money and get rich. The solution of this problem is not "how to make money", but the solution is to identify more elementary problems to find solutions step by step. It is easy to understand movement of an object at macroscopic level in classical mechanics, but it getting harder when we go down to understand quantum effects and processes from quantum mechanics point of view. Most of problems in our everyday life have become routine, as we can no longer identify them, and leave them to our brain to take care of them. If you try this example with a baby, he has no idea what is knife (there is no device called knife with functionality of cutting in his brain data center). An older baby needs to carefully think to recognize the functionality of knife for his purpose. 

What if there is no knife on the table? Using fork as a replacement or taking a knife from the kitchen. Here comes complicated nature of problem solving. When you eat the cake, it seems the problem has been solved but real problem-solving system is on the way. To enjoy your meal and convert it into energy, the brain will identify and solve/take thousands of problems/steps. This is the algorithmic nature of brain functionality. 

This is the essence of education; we learn new things to empower ourselves in battle with problems. Education must be started with introducing the problem. The students must be motivated by the usefulness of forthcoming lesson. Mathematics is the most boring subject for students, because they have no clue how this knowledge can be benefitial for them. They will not be convinced by the fact that mathematics is vital backbone of several other fields. This is the reason that math education is shifting towards applied mathematics, which is based on practical examples from real life. 

This is not a substantial change to the teaching method (though it can be), but identifying the problem before starting the education. In this manner, the student brains will follow the subject to solve the problem. This is quite different from delivering a collection of knowledge and convince the students that this useful for their future. Brain works based on algorithm, and naturally loves to solve problems. This is the reason that people are always interested in games.
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