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Smart Examination

From the birth of education, exams were a key factor, as the success of education must be measured in a way. However, the evolution of exams went astray, as today's exams do not represent the actual knowledge and skills of students. By increasing the competition, questions must be harder to select the best candidates; but how to design more difficult questions in the framework of a course? Here come tricky exams which lead us to nowhere. Every course has a core concept supported by trivial knowledge to clarify the subject. In a matter of time, we all forget the side information, and the purpose of education is to fit the core concept in our brain for future applications. These tricky exams mainly focus on the shells. These strategies train better exam takers rather than skilful graduates. Exam taking skill has no use in real life. In most cases, the main focus of the exam is in that typical classroom rather than the concept of the course subject. Like syllabus, there is a tendency in universities to unify exams for the mobility of international students. However, we are far from this achievement, as there is still substantial misunderstanding in the concept of exams. 

The point is that exams will control (not only measure) the quality of education. The ultimate goal of students is to be prepared for exams, and this is the way they learn. Therefore, they learn something that is useful for their exam; it can be the core or shell; this is the education system which defines this direction. If a university aims to train better graduates in real life, the exams must exactly examine the core concepts. 

To clarify the issue, consider an undergraduate student with A grade for all courses. After graduation, his transcript tells the prospective employer that he has excellent knowledge in x subjects he studied for four years. If taking an exam of his first semester courses, he will not pass even half of them. Thus, the transcript has no information for today, but it is just expired information. It is not about a fresh graduate; if a university professor takes the exams of the first semester of undergraduate (of course, if not currently teaching those courses), he will not have better results. However, if you take an exam from his PhD project or postdoc research projects, he will still have the same skills, because those research projects were real life. 

Every basic subject was an active area of research in the past; thus, it is not difficult to simulate the history for students to put their skills into action as our ancestors did. Once again, this is subject to evolution, and evolutionary movement chooses the best pathway. The main step is the intention to shift towards smart exams, which reveal the actual skills of students.
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