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University Failure

For years, we are blindly satisfied that our higher education system is perfect, and this illusion hindered the required advancement in higher education. The American system is a utopia for higher education systems in other countries, but American higher education system is facing a serious problem as limited by formalities. This is evident for the regular decrease of the number of American universities in the world's top universities. 

It does not matter that a system works well, the intelligence of humankind is not satisfied by the presence but the ambition for tomorrow. Just simply compare the advancement of higher education with two centuries ago, and in parallel compare any other field, technology, science, etc. Tragically, it must be confessed that higher education has gone backwards. In the past century, academicians were more devoted to science, and academia was a more serious place. 

The problem is the conservative strategies followed in university administration with the fear of losing ground. This view has been strongly supported during the past few years due to the economic recession. This is a typical example of misinterpretation of facts. People see the global recession as the economic disaster of humankind, just because they feel only a limited period in which they live. If reviewing the short history of Wall Street, it is easy to find quite bigger disasters. As a matter of fact, the current recession was not unusual or unpredictable. We need to think out of the box to see the whole story, not only a fraction of it. Conservative management can safely keep an institution in its place, but nothing lasts forever. In long-term, any organization, community and society need fresh blood in the veins of its body.
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