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Women in Higher Education

Although there is rapidly growing attention to the role of women in science, we are far from the ideal presence of women in academia. There are two different steps in this direction. First, it is necessarily needed to support the presence of women in academia from different perspectives from cultural to official. The next step is to discover the special abilities of women in favor of academia. The equality of man and woman is like the equality of goalkeeper and forward in soccer; the roles are quite different but not their importance. If dealing from a purely scientific point of view, the functionality of woman and man is substantially different, and it is not wise to bend our natural privileges to fit within an artificial framework. In the man-centered societies, the potentials of academicians are judged based on the functionality of men's brain. The problem is not that women cannot adapt themselves with this functionality (indeed, the functionality of women's brain was quoted as a privilege rather than a limitation), but this is waste of potentials. Moreover, due to the cultural effects, they have less self-confidence to discover their potentials.

Supporting the presence of women in higher education merely for gender balance is the meanest view in this direction. The world of research is defined by flexibility, and we cannot consider academicians as manufactured machines. Researchers with different cultural backgrounds have different potentials for a science career. This is also the case for men and women; the potentials are different. In the men-dominant environment, we have developed all standards based on men's brain capabilities. It is unfair and unscientific to bend women's brain capabilities to fit with these standards.
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