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Working on graphene is somehow fashionable these days, as it was for carbon nanotubes earlier. Most projects are focused on the typical application of this class of nanomaterials. However, it is necessarily needed to reveal the peculiar nature of graphene.

Engineering of Graphene

Graphene has unique properties, but less attempt has been paid to its practical applications in industry. We are working on soluble graphene, which is ideal for manufacturing different carbon-based devices. By drying the solution in different shapes, it is possible to prepare the graphene-based material for various applications. Since the carbon comes from a solution, then it is very easy to include required additives.


Bulk Synthesis of Graphene

Preparation of graphene sheets is not difficult, but it is quite difficult to keep them separated due to a high tendency towards agglomeration. In most of the papers published in the literature, the material characterization is based on selective sampling. However, for bulk synthesis, we need to examine the entire sample. A reliable method is TGA, as single sheets of fairly separated graphene must quickly burn.


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