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Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries are a vital part of modern technology, and they are critically needed. Moreover, new applications are introduced by the invention of new devices. No wonder that there are numerous research projects devoted to this area, and growing demand. Like my research projects over the past two decades, the main theme is to introduce new possibilities rather than simple improvement.

Aqueous Lithium Battery

Using aqueous electrolytes for lithium batteries are of both fundamental and practical interests, but this is mainly ignored because of the narrow potential window of aqueous media. However, it should be taken into account that there are new applications for lithium batteries, which do not necessarily need a wide potential window. On the other hand, fundamental studies of new electrode materials in aqueous media can lead to better understanding and potentials of the electroactive material in the absence of side processes in non-aqueous media.

Lithium Battery
Lithium Battery

Fundamental Studies of Synthesis

Common studies of electroactive materials for lithium batteries are devoted to fundamental studies from solid-state chemistry or purely practical points of view. However, sometimes we need basic comparative studies to better find optimum conditions. For example, source reagents are usually selected by chance without considering how these tiny factors can substantially control the system performance.

Lithium Battery
Lithium Battery

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