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nanox: Web Management System

nanox is a program originally designed for web services, buts its wide range of applications is not limited to web only. It is different from any web software, because of one critical reason: it is an integrated system.

1. In connection with nano OS, the entire computer has been natively designed as an integrated machine for running nanox.

2. nanox can serve a wide range of applications without any additional plugin. Everything is native.

3. nanox is the result of several scientific research, and everything has been scientifically examined from computer science point of view. Like any scientific research, the main theme was to optimize the performance.

There is no limit for the applications of nanox, but as typical applications:

1. Online Education

2. Smart Exams

3. Surveys and Analysis

4. Online Magazines

5. e-Banking

6. Online Stores

7. Forums and Discussion Board

8. Proposal Submission System

9. Manuscript Submission/Review System

10. Social Network

11. Groups and Communities

12. Video Streaming Website

The interesting feature is again the integrity; any of these packages can be used alongside as a united system. For example, a university can run the main website, alumni portal, discussion groups, official document submission, etc. all in one single system; as everything is connected and can be used across the system.

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