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Operating System

Nano OS is a global project but originally aims to host other software projects as a native land. This provides a rare opportunity for building an integrated system for better performance and less vulnerability. As a matter of fact, other software programs are natively incorporated into the Operating system.

The first version of nano OS is called Robi. The main features of Robi in layman language is

1. Elegant Design: Its graphics and desktop functionality is comparable with Windows 8 or MacOS Lion.

2. Ease of Use: Installing new programs is a matter of clicks. For example, for installing a DVD player on MS Windows, you need to find a program, download the exe file, configure the settings, delete the exe file. Robi will do all of these in one click only. It will find your software on the internet, download appropriate version (depending on your hardware), install it, delete unnecessary files. In addition, if other programs are needed, it will detect, download, and install.

3. Lightweight: It is lightweight and can be run on old computers too.

4. Fast: It consumes fewer resources (whether CPU or memory) because it has been optimized for better performance. In addition, only necessary packages have been installed, anything else is available in a matter of clicks.

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