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Research Culture in Classroom

This is an overview of my typical experience in teaching the course of Theoretical Aspects of Nanoscience.

As a part of a newly born MSc program devoted to nanomaterials, I faced eager students who were not academically familiar with nanotechnology. I thought to myself that teaching theoretical considerations has no significance and meaning to such students, as they have no idea what these theories are and how they can use it. Thus, I decided to put the students in the process of theory evolution. Focusing on some major nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes, I used to teach the available theories based on a chronicle of discoveries. Of course, until the end of the class, the students have not known about this chronicle; and contrary to my other courses (methods), the students were not aware of the subject of next class. In every class, they encountered new questions that would be solved through scientific discussions with common sense. In fact, I was pushing them toward the solutions by simple hints and tips; then they were feeling the sense of discovery. They learned scientific reasoning and how to conduct research on open issues. Some of them continued to work on the open issues addressed in my course even in their final theses. Surprisingly, one of the students just published a paper by dealing with such open issues (Chem. Phys. 2006, 327, 434).
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