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Scientific Reasoning as the Backbone of Education

This is an overview of my typical course on Modern Electrochemistry, clarifying possible misunderstanding and misleading in the heart of advanced science.

Owing to the interdisciplinary nature and a broad range of application of electrochemistry, students from different disciplines (with various backgrounds) are interested in electrochemistry courses. In such advanced courses, fundamentals should be connected to appropriate usage. In a series of commentary papers, I showed that many of electrochemists (who probably teach electrochemistry in universities) have misunderstandings about the concepts of electrochemistry when applying them too complicated cases. Thus, I focused on the physical significance of a method, the conditions (essential requirements) for deriving an equation and limitations for using it for practical cases, and possible mistakes. In graduate level, most of the students are interested in practical knowledge as they can use in their own research projects. Therefore, it is necessary to guide them how such concepts are useful and how to put them in action.
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