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Academic Culture

Day One – University Backbone

University Administration and Management Systems
Infrastructures and Structures of University
Higher Education System of the United States
Shifting towards Interdisciplinary Studies
From Liberal Arts to Professional Programs
Continuing Education (Practical Advice)

Day Two – Academic Life

Why Attending University?
From Traditional to Modern Universities
Is There an Ideal University?
How We Judge about Universities
Campus Life: Ultimate Joy of a Magical Stage of Our Life
Alumni and Relationship with Alma Mater

Day Three – Research Culture

How to Review the Literature
Brainstorming and Creative Ideas
Balancing Ideas and Available Possibilities
Time Management
How Publication Industry Works
Writing a Research Article

Day Four – Academic Entrepreneurship

Academic Entrepreneurship Is Not Money Making
Brilliant Ideas and Feasible Study
The Second Step Is to Make Money
University: The Land of Dispersed Minds
To Manage Talents
You Do Not Need to Be a Super Talent, but a Super Manager
Talent Is about Imagination without Boundary
Management Is about Facts within Boundary

Visual Presentations
No matter what is your media (lecture, online, paper, catalog, etc), graphical perspective of your...
Web For Managers
Unfortunately, the languages of managers and web developers are quite different and they cannot un...
Modern University Management
This workshop is indeed an overview of the management model followed by the Office of Innovation. T...
Practical Research
However, it is originally based on five steps (or weeks):
Week 1 – Experimental Initiative
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