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Knowledge-Based Decision Making

The main feature of an exceptional manager is the ability to make the best decisions in critical situations. Traditionally, decision making was mainly connected with the manager personality. However, in our modern time systems are more complicated with numerous choices and possibilities. Thus, decision making is far beyond skills of a manager or even a management team in the absence of appropriate supporting information. Managing knowledge and information is mandatory for making an effective decision.


This workshop is for elite managers and decision makers including politicians.


✍ Collecting Information
✍ Identifying Critical Knowledge
✍ Composition of Knowledge and Information
✍ Dynamic Databases
✍ Connecting Data By Your Needs
✍ Resulting Problems of Problem-Solving
✍ Mathematical Decision Making
✍ Definite Results Based on Solid Conclusion
✍ Computational Analysis for Unlimited Number of Possibilities
✍ Informational Map of Organization
✍ Visualizing Individual Roles in Organization
✍ Scientific Simulation of Situation
✍ Preparing Convincing Evidence for a Decision

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