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Modern Management

There is a wide gap between management theories (as an academic discipline) and practical management, as a few of elite managers have academically studied managerial topics. This workshop aims to fill this gap to make practical linkages between modern management and the real world. 


Anyone who is in a leadership position, as the topics cover simple leadership to leading advanced organizations.

Day One – Modern Management

The Scientific Background of Modern Management
Empirical Models of Management
Chaotic Dynamic
Modern Management: Chaos under Control
Struggling in the World of Opportunities

Day Two – Knowledge Management

Knowledge or Science: That Is the Question!
Knowledge as a Double-Bladed Sword
Balancing Science and Knowledge
Life without Knowledge Management: Is It Possible?
Categorized Knowledge at Service of Managers

Day Three – Research Management

RM Is Not Limited to Academic Research
Defining the Framework of a Research
Managing Connection Inside and Outside the Team
Foreseeing Every Step That We Take
Managing the Community Environment

Day Four – Statistical Management

Statistical Mechanics
Our Chancy World
What is Chance?

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