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Modern University Management

This workshop is indeed an overview of the management model followed by the Office of Innovation. The workshop clarifies different aspects of university administration in our modern time.


All university managers at all levels from presidents to group chairs.


This workshop reviews new ideas in different higher education systems across the world and highlights important issues in this highly competitive market.


✅ Evolving Nature of Higher Education
✅ Modern Potentials of Higher Education
✅ Academic Experience
✅ Student Expectations and Satisfaction
✅ University in the Global Network
✅ Achieving World-Class Level
✅ Effective Education Beyond Traditional Classroom
✅ Conducting Cutting-Edge Research
✅ Building International Fame and Recognition
✅ Building Institutional Collaborations
✅ Initiative Plans
✅ New Departments and Research Centers
✅ Fundraising
✅ New Financial Resources
✅ Entrepreneurship
✅ Connecting with the Alumni

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