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Practical Research

The length of PRW strongly depends on the nature of research projects. However, it is originally based on five steps (or weeks):

Week 1
Experimental Initiative
The first group meeting is started by a seminar by the PRW leader to introduce the research areas, open issues, the team goals, etc. The remaining of the meeting is to introduce the members to the group personally (for discovering their potentials).
The PRW leader gives some research papers to each member, as s/he starts to repeat the experiments of one paper. The PRW leader assists the researchers to find critical points when performing the experiments.
Then, the PRW leader provides an experiment manual (one paragraph, comparable with the Experimental Sections in the literature) to each researcher.
The theoretical considerations beyond each experiment will be revealed to the researchers later.

Week 2
Data Analysis
Depending on the experiment speed, the obtaining results are gradually discussed during the second week. In group discussions, each researcher has a chance to see his/her research from different perspectives.Based on the group discussions, each researcher can find the path for his/her future research, and then s/he continues the experiments.

Week 3
Writing Paper
In the third week, there should be a set of data for writing a scientific paper.
The PRW writes the first draft of the paper and forwards it to the researcher. Thus, s/he has a chance to learn how his/her results are discussed in a scientific paper.

Week 4
Revising Paper
The papers are scientifically discussed and criticized in the group meeting.
In fact, the group members learn about the refereeing process in scholarly journals.
By considering such discussions, the papers are revised by adding new experimental data and justifying the claims made.
On the other hand, it is possible to connect research projects to re-write joint papers at this stage.
Thus, the researchers learn how their results are useful for another research.

Week 5

During the second week, each researcher delivers an introductory seminar about his/her topic and research within the group. Some lectures are chosen to be delivered in the department.

Now all members participated in the PRW are familiar with research methods and a variety of research topics in their field. They already know how to design, conduct, discuss, criticize, and evaluate a research project. Thus, when the coming back to their academic careers, they are multi-dimensional researchers (scientists) who know how to look at a scientific problem from quite different perspectives.
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