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The Art of Publishing Research Papers

Skills for publishing a noticeable research article is different from success in conducting a research project. A researcher can achieve groundbreaking results, but s/he needs a different skill to pose the scientific significance of his/her research. This is indeed a critical problem for most of the researchers in the fast-growing academic institutes, as they have not appropriate vision about the process of scientific publication. This workshop reviews the process of writing/reviewing/publishing a research article from standpoints of editors, referees, and readers. With an inverse engineering, the skills and critical points of successfully writing a research paper are described.


All academicians involved in research from graduate students to professors.


How to Plan a Research Paper
Overall Structure of a Research Paper
How to Address the Issue
How to Conduct Research to Complete an Incomplete Paper
What Does a Research Paper Needs
How to Format a Paper
How Is a Paper Handled by the Editorial Office and Editor
How Do Referees Look at a Paper
What Are the Factors in Judging a Paper
How to Respond to Referees for Revising a Paper
How to Improve the Impact of a Paper

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