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Visual Presentations

In any presentation, your success merely depends on catching the attention of the audience. No matter what is your media (lecture, online, paper, catalogue, etc.), the graphical perspective of your work is bolder than the main concept. Thus, it is of utmost importance to present a topic, as your eye-catching presentation can attract the attention of the audience. It is indeed a natural reflect, since 80% of brain perception is visual, and the audience can better capture the concept of your idea/work.

This workshop assists general users how to use computer graphics for better presentation in different media; e.g. lecture slides, scientific figures, catalogues, brochures, etc.


Almost anyone, as we all need to present our works at different levels by various means.


✨ Invest in Presentation for a Stress-Free Lecture
✨ Available Tools
✨ How Does a Slideshow Work?
✨ From Static to Dynamic Presentations
✨ Play of Colors
✨ Architecture of a Presentation
✨ Animation and Movement
✨ Eye-Catching Features
✨ Proposing Key Information
✨ Empowering with Supportive Information
✨ Manage Your Data and Presentation
✨ Everything Is One Key Away
✨ Train Your Machine to Serve You in Critical Moments
✨ Peace of Mind with Well-Managed Presentation
✨ Let the Presentation Lead Your Lecture

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Practical Research
However, it is originally based on five steps (or weeks):
Week 1 – Experimental Initiative
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