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Web For Managers

World Wide Web is an incredible opportunity for any organization, and any manager needs to well understand this opportunity. Unfortunately, the languages of managers and web developers are quite different, and they cannot understand each other for effective collaboration. From one side, managers have no clear idea about technical issues from possibilities to limitations. Thus, they cannot express what they need or can be helpful for their plans. Almost all managers copy ideas from competitors or leave it to technical developers who are not aware of management strategies. From the other side, web developers do not know what critical issues for the management team are. Instead, in most cases, they waste their time for struggling with unreasonable requests of managers.

Without going into technical details, this workshop interprets the language of both parties for better understanding. The main theme is to introduce unlimited opportunities for effective collaboration for developing creative ideas over the internet.


Almost any manager needs an active presence on the cyberspace. Through the topics of this workshop fully covers launching internal networks (inside organization) too.


✾ How to Expand Business Via Global Opportunities
✾ What Is a Good Website
✾ Interactive Websites
✾ What Are the Possibilities for Distributing Information
✾ What Are Graphical Possibilities for Web Development
✾ From Heavy to Lightweight Website
✾ Server Issues
✾ Confidential Databases
✾ Internal Affairs on Web
✾ Security Issues
✾ Web Marketing
✾ Winning in the Highly Competitive Market
✾ What Is SEO
✾ How Staff Can Support Web Ideas
✾ Crossing Borders to No-Limit World

Practical Research
However, it is originally based on five steps (or weeks):
Week 1 – Experimental Initiative
Knowledge-Based Decision Making
Traditionally, definite decision making was mainly connected with the manager personality. Howeve...
Visual Presentations
No matter what is your media (lecture, online, paper, catalog, etc), graphical perspective of your...
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